Italy Plans To Improve Online Gambling Market

Hands, Playing Cards, Poker, SuitOnline poker is currently experiencing an unparalleled regression in Italy as in all regulated markets elsewhere.

In order to boost the online poker market, the Italian government is considering some major changes to its online gaming market. Among the changes under study is the sharing of liquidity involving multiple online poker markets. This eventuality, considered essential, is relegated to the background by the French legislators. There is no certainty as to the realization of these changes, but the will of Italy is great regarding this project.

Indispensable changes

In general, the Italian online gaming market is doing quite well. Casino games, especially slot machines, are making good progress. Sports betting is also growing. The only segment of this declining regulated market is online poker. The famous card game is experiencing a difficulty to which the government wants to provide a solution. Some modulations are being considered by lawmakers in order to improve the poker business, among other things. The big change currently under consideration is the sharing of cash in online poker. The purpose of this device is to connect a few online poker markets, in particular the markets of European countries, in order to give a greater number of players the possibility of playing with each other. It will make it possible to perfect the offer of tournaments, in particular to boost the gains granted to players. This also ensures a much more sophisticated market.

Solutions for closed markets

Roulette, To Play, Gambling, CasinoItaly is not the only market to experience difficulties with online poker . Indeed, this growth problem is also present, among others, in France and Spain. The situation could be quite different for these markets considered closed if international liquidity sharing is adopted. Unfortunately, France does not consider this solution to be a priority, although it is an essential step in resuming growth.

Italy is convinced of the importance of this sharing, which is why the government wants to make the necessary changes. Reforms will be made regarding Italian laws. Online gaming in general will undergo some significant changes. The Delega Fiscale law, for example, will modify taxes on sports betting and poker tournaments to 20% of gross gaming revenue.

It should be noted that no specific decision has been taken by Italy. The government has only mentioned its desire to make changes to improve the online gambling market, mainly poker. No information was given on how to proceed. Regarding the sharing of liquidity, the Italian government has not yet given details on the countries involved.

In short, Italy’s program for changes in its online gaming market is still at the draft stage. Its realization is not yet certain although the country has expressed its willingness to go further.

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